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Dunston House Heritage

Past, Present and Future

Dunston House is an imposing landmark Grade 2 listed building built in 1857 and was the company headquarters and home to the original offices of the Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co.

The Sheepbridge Works, was a large complex and its comprehensive range of iron manufacturing and engineering facilities remained largely in use until 1970. During this time, the site was occupied by major iron working and engineering firms, including GKN and Sheepbridge Stokes Ltd.


Dunston House continues its proud entrepreneurial business heritage, providing 75 great offices across 1,500 m2 to multiple companies and organisations, that create and supply an extensive range of products and services.

Given Derbyshire’s heritage as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, it is no surprise that today’s Economic Strategy is focused specifically on the creation of wealth and the fostering of enterprise and innovation.

The history of Dunston House in Chesterfield

Dunston House

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown C.Eng  F.Inst Mech Engs.


Born of poor parents, who were striving to bring up six children on £2.00 a week during and after the First World War, Thomas Brown knew what it was to be hungry and to lack adequate clothing. His mother could neither read nor write, but for Thomas, his experience of poverty was the spur that led him to become a talented and respected automobile engineer and Managing Director and Deputy Chairman of the Sheepbridge Engineering Company, headquartered at Dunston House! Thomas also served as Chairman of Sheepbridge Engineering’s, fifteen subsidiary companies!

Thomas Brown

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